About Miami Youth Hurricanes


The Miami Youth Hurricanes Academic and Sports Programs is a safe place for the youth of the City of Miami; to learn , play and have fun with local professionals. Our local professionals include current and retired Police Officers, Attorneys, Business Owners, Teachers and certified volunteers.

The Greater Miami South Florida Youth and Community Inc. along with the City of Miami Parks and Recreation Department is striving to make Historic Moore Park the mecca for youth activities.

Numbers speak for themselves!

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The Greater Miami South Florida Youth And Community Inc.

Mission Statement

The Mission of The Greater Miami South Florida Youth and Community Inc., a non-profit 501c3 organization, will provide a safe, healthy and positive environment to the youth and community of Greater Miami and South Florida, through educational activities, the arts and athletics. This will allow them to develop academically, socially, mentally, and physically, under the supervision of caring volunteers. These goals are reached through positive interactions, mentoring, and character building. The Greater Miami South Florida Youth and Community Inc. will equip the youth and community with all the tools necessary to achieve a successful future.

board of directors

meet our leaders
Chief Executive Officer

Craig Mcqueen

Email: craigmcqueen.gmsfyc@gmail.com

PHone: (305) 986.8910

Office:(786) 682.8427

Football Commissioner

Travis Bellomy

Email: Travisbellomy.gmsfyc@gmail.com

PHone: (786) 663.0728 

Office: (786) 682.8427


Chief Program Officer

CEJA Jones

Email: cejajones.gmsfyc@gmail.com

PHone: (305) 407.5305

Office: (786) 682.8427

Male Program Director

Cescil Brooks

Email: cescilbrooks.gmsfyc@gmail.com

PHone: (305) 351.6284

Office: (786) 682.8427

Female Program Director & Secretary

Gina Brooks

Email: Ginabrooks.gmsfyc@gmail.com

PHone: (786) 260.5623

Office: (786) 682.8427


Dee Johnson

Email: Deejohnson.gmsfyc@gmail.com

PHone: (786) 406.5707

Office: (786) 682.8427

Cheer Commissioner

Laverne Moore

Email: Lavernemoore.gmsfyc@gmail.com

PHone: (305) 416.8506

Office: (786) 682.8427

Dance Commissioner

antonika selby

Email: antonikaselby.gmsfyc@gmail.com

PHone: (786) 487.4201

Office: (786) 682.8427


Albena Sumner

Email: albenasummer.gmsfyc@gmail.com

PHone: (786) 260.5623

Office: (786) 682.8427


Elbert Young

Email: elbertyoung.gmsfyc@gmail.com

PHone: (305) 904.6370

Office: (786) 682.8427


765 NW 36 Street. 
Miami, FL 33125

Our hours

6:30 PM – 8.30 PM
Monday – Friday

Contact us

Phone: 786-682-8427 
Fax: 954-964-8052